Thursday, March 29, 2012

When you do everything right...

Just a quick post to remind myself that even when you do everything right, life doesn't always cooperate.

I have been weighing myself just about daily, of course the only one that counts is Sunday mornings. But despite the warnings not to, I weigh myself every day. Here is a lesson in support of the the naysayers of weighing yourself every day:

I am up 3 lbs for no apparent reason at all.

I've done fine food-wise this week with the exception of indulging in a Slutty Brownie yesterday. Though, my food intake was still under my BMR. Monday and Tuesday my calories were actually 1600-1700, which is under my 1800 goal.

I rode my bike Sunday, giving an extra workout to the start of the week, and with my run Tuesday my calorie deficit should be around 2,000 at this point in the week.

I also have been drowning myself in water.

I write this not to complain (OK, not entirely at least), but to prove a point that sometimes you do everything right and your body doesn't cooperate.

I know the week is only half over so I can only hope that my body will get with the program over the next few days.


melinda said...

That's why I don't weigh myself daily... or even weekly, usually. I actually don't even own a scale. I only weigh myself at the gym and only from time to time (every month or two... generally whenever I remember, which is not often), because I know if I weighed myself frequently, I would go nuts. I'd probably start obsessing over my weight and I'd get all depressed because I gained three pounds for no apparent reason!

Kudos to you for sticking with it! Especially on the water- it's crazy how difficult it can be to drink something as essential as water!

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