Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weigh in - continuing in the right direction

Last Week's weight - 237.6

This Week's weight - 236.8

0.8 lbs lost

92.6 lbs lost since June 2010

A loss! I'm not even going to complain that it was less than a pound. The important part is that I lost 2 weeks in a row and I feel like I'm solidly in the the 230s. And something feels different about it this time. I don't feel this urge to go out and splurge on french fries and pizza today. I have a fridge full of healthy food to make healthy meals for the week so I feel a re-commitment to this weight loss thing coming on.

I'm officially .4 lbs away from the Garmin Goal I made. Yeah, remember that old thing? Think I forgot about it? Well, I didn't. I may have already gotten the Garmin for my birthday, but the fact I never reached that goal has been bothering me. I don't like making goals I don't accomplish. So, next week I plan to accomplish it a over 6 months after I original made it. Yikes! That hurts.

I'm also 7.4 lbs away from my 100 lb loss since starting the blog. I know I can accomplish this by the end of March. Let's make it happen.

I feel refocused and I hope next weigh in I'm not eating my words.


Jess + Alex said...

I'm so glad to see your positivity through this plateau!

I recently discovered your blog and I'm loving it! My goal is to lose 108lbs, and I'm currently down 40.

You can totally bust through the 100lb mark my the end of march!!!

marisol said...

Great job on the loss. I'm rooting for ya.

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