Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh in - 4.2 Loss

Last Week's weight - 241.8

This Week's weight - 237.6

4.2 lbs lost

91.8 lbs lost since June 2010

Honestly, this may just be from dehydration from drinking last night, but I'll take it. The scale was down as low as 235 earlier in the week. Not sure how, but something I did must've worked this week.

I'll try not to screw it up.


Zach Bohannon said...

This is awesome. I found you on the Life Fitness Academy twitter page. Very inspiring blog. I am on a similar journey. I have lost 54 lbs. since the end of May of 2011. You should check out my blog. I just got done doing a 30 day fruit/veggie reboot which included a 10 day juice fast. Keep it up!

Maren said...

Fantastic loss! Great!

marisol said...

So awesome Emily!

Anonymous said...

Emily, it was go great to see you this weekend. Congrats on the tremendous weight loss and newfound fitness. You look super! Keep up the good work.

Danielle said...

So nice to meet you this week at calypso. Very cool to see how hard you are working. I hope we can hang out sometime soon. Would enjoy the encouragement.

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