Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weigh in - flu edition

Last week's weight - 239.6

This week's weight - 239.0

0.6 lbs LOST

90.4 total lost since June 2010

Not much of a loss, but at least I know this isn't just the flu talking. I ate normally and re-hydrated yesterday.

But LOOK 90 lbs lost!! Wow!

I really don't want to go run 7 miles today. I plan to write about it later, but mainly It's currently 35 degrees outside and my bed is warm. Plus who wants to run 7 miles after they just spend the last 2.5 days in bed? Not to mention I haven't been feeling training AT ALL. ugh.


Maren said...

90lbs.. wow, that is amazing! It's hard for me to envision something like that, but I have to try!

Good luck on your run! :)

marisol said...

90 lbs... check you out! That's awesome Em!

Miz said...

you ROCK.
how was the run??

Big Life, Little Blog said...

@Miz The run did not go as planned - I was too weak and fell apart after 2 run intervals. I walked 4 miles instead.

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