Saturday, October 15, 2011

Road Trip NSV

Last night I was in Atlanta to see New Found Glory. I kind of love this shot below I snapped at the end of their set on my phone.

Cyndi was sweet enough to let me crash on her couch last night. Although from reading her blog and all our conversations on Twitter I feel like I know her just as well as any of my friends in Nashville, it was nice to finally "meet" in person. We had already planned for me to come take over Atlanta with her next weekend, so I'll get another dose of her sweet, but straight talking self.

On my way home this morning, I realized I had a NSV on my hands (lap?). Due to my size and the amount of space I used to take up in a seat, I could never put a cup or drink between my legs. I remember as a kid (you know before cup holders), my mom would always do this. Even though I don't really have a NEED to do it (because you know my car has a bagillion cup holders), it's nice to know I CAN do it.


Maren said...

In here for the first time, and this was a happy post to find! I can't fit a cup between my legs for sure, but one day. ;)

marisol said...

What a great NSV!

I thought you & Cyndi knew each other IRL. How cool that you got to meet up with her and that you get to see her again next weekend. Atlanta better watch out!

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