Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weigh in - a gain

Last week's weight: 242.6

This week's weight: 243.4

0.8 lbs GAINED

86 pounds lost since June 2010

Honestly, I knew a gain was coming and I'm only surprised it wasn't 3 lbs instead of the 1 I gained. I've been having a really hard time staying in check Friday and Saturday. It's a mental thing I just need to get over. I think planning for Friday dinner and all meals Saturday needs to be established.

I'm so close to my Garmin Goal and my 100 lb lost milestones that I need to stop the gain/lose thing pattern. I really want to have a 100 lb party, so it's time to get that last 14 lbs off in order to plan the party :)

Exercise was good this week. Probably the only thing that saved me. I was able to run approximately 11.5 miles cumulatively this week. My run yesterday was REALLY, REALLY good. I plan to do a separate post about that tomorrow.

I'm going to make some lentil burgers for dinner tonight and finish up getting organized for the week. Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Less than one pound gain isn't too bad. You can blame it on water. :P Kidding. It's good you can be honest about your situation. Owning up to what really happened is the only way to fix it and prepare for any future recurrences. Keep trying! This is my first time on your blog. I didn't realize you've lost 100 POUNDS!! That's awesome! (May 2007 pic to July 2011 pic) Also, what is Garmin Goal?

marisol said...

Girl after last week's great loss it was bound to happen. I still say that you will get your Garmin by Halloween.

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