Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weigh in - largest weekly loss to date

Last week's weight - 269.8

This week's weight - 263.0

6.8 pounds LOST

66.4 pounds lost since June 2010

This is not a typo. I lost almost SEVEN pounds this week. I repeat, this ain't no joke. And here's proof:

I had to take a picture because I didn't quite believe it myself. I followed all of my rules this week, exercised 5x and had a great weigh-in. Funny how when you put all of your effort into something you get results, huh? It just goes back to my personal goal of putting 100% of effort into everything I do. I'm not talking about being perfect. No one is perfect, but everyone has the ability to put in 100% of effort into whatever they want to set their mind to. Whether it's weight loss, or learning to run or my job, I never want to be left wondering if I could have done something better if I had put more effort into it. I am not lazy and I intend to show the world I mean business.

I intend to take this long weekend to move onward towards my July 1 goal. I may not hit 250 by July 1, but it is within reach and I have my mind set to it. Plus I have a new pair of jeans a friend gave me that just barely don't fit and I intend to wear them soon. ;)

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...


Emmie said...

wow, that's awesome!

Brittany said...

amazingness!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!

Sarah said...


marisol said...

Damn woman! You are a rockstar. Whoo hooo!

HEAB said...

You'll be in those jeans before you know it! :)

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