Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help....I'm hungry

I decided this week to cut my calories from my daily 1900 to 1650. It's an experiment to say the least and I'm freaking HUNGRY.

My reasoning behind it was I haven't adjusted my calorie intake since losing 60 lbs and I just randomly decided it was time. I started thinking about the doctor's visit I had a couple months ago. My doctor has one of those fancy scales and it measured my BMR at 2,100. Honestly, that's lower than I imagined. Even though that is the number I'm burning if I only lay in bed all day, I realized I was consuming 1900 calories a day - really close to that BMR number.

Let me tell you, 1650 is NOT a lot. It basically removes all the cusion I had in my day for when I attended a party, lunch meeting or happy hour and didn't have complete control over my environment.

The week hasn't been perfect. There was at least one day with margaritas and Mexican food involved.

I've also been hungry. Like right now. It's 9 pm at night and I'm starving. I've already met my calorie goal for the day (there was an icing incident when I made cupcakes earlier), so I'm most likely going to drown myself with water and go to bed slightly hungry. I hope my body will adjust next week and the feeling of hunger will subside.

What are your favorite low calorie meals and snacks? I've been turning to a lot more fruits and veggies this week.


KG said...

Frankly we're lucky to not have eaten that whole bowl of icing with a spoon. Victory I say!

Diana P. said...

I have a greek yogurt every day for a snack. Granted they have more calories than just a veggie snack, but you're getting so much more protein to keep you fuller. I also prefer to eat more frequently to cut down on hunger, and just curb my meals more. Try all the different brands of greek yogurt...they all have different tastes and textures. My favorite is Fage.

Diana P. said...

oooh, and spaghetti squash!!! GREAT sub for the noodles on spaghetti (cutting out all those carbs and calories), or my personal favorite, spaghetti squash w/ avocado pesto and grilled chicken(courtesy of my BL cookbook)!

Diana P. said...
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