Thursday, May 12, 2011

So, I suck...

I really suck at this blog thing. To have a successful blog, you have to write in it, right?!? Regular updates are not something I have mastered.

I'm a woman of random thoughts and then quickly forgetting them. This is possibly why I like Twitter. I can share my random thoughts and although oftentimes no one is really paying attention it feels cathartic to share.

This hasn't been a great week. Not a bad week overall, just a bad week food wise and I'm feeling a bit bloated and guilty.

It started Sunday at a belated Cinco de Mayo gathering (Ocho de Mayo?). What went from resolving to try the 100 calorie Skinnygirl Margaritas, to not drinking at all and back again to the Skinnygirl variety turned into me drinking 5 or 6 regular, full calorie and sugar laden pre-mix variety. Add on a massive bowl of guacamole, more tortilla chips than thought possible and two, yes TWO, keylime cupcakes and I did not start my week off well (or celebrate my 5 lb loss in any sort of emotionally healthy way).

Tuesday I went to the gym AFTER having 2 margaritas at a happy hour and finished off my dinner leftovers when I got home.

These are the habits that got me where I was 4 years ago.

I'm really good at identifying the problems. Not so great at coming up with a solution I'll stick too. Regular grocery shopping and meal planning must be a part of my life again. Less eating out, even at the sacrifice of social engagements has to happen.

On a good note, I've completed 3 days of Couch to 5K. I started on Week 2 since I could already run 90 seconds at a time. I'm hoping to do two more days of Week 2 and then move onto Week 3.


Emmie said...

you do not suck. It happens. 3 weeks ago I had to completely cut eating out to stop my cycle of overeating socially. Does it suck sometimes? Yep. But it was needed for me to temporarily reset my priorities.

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