Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite dress is no more

A couple weeks ago I traveled to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to see my dear friend get married to her soul mate. I was serving as the guestbook attendant and music master, so I was invited to the rehearsal dinner.

I brought this dress to wear to the rehearsal. I hadn't worn it since the spring/summer the year before so I brought a "back-up" dress that was more casual "just in case." Well thank God I did!

After slipping the freshly dry cleaned dress hurriedly over my head, I realized this. was. not. going. to. work. The arm holes hung so low you could see my WHOLE bra strap and there were about 4 inches in between my body and the fabric on both sides. When I walked out of the room I was dressing in, my mom says, "just hold your arms down." Uh, thanks mom....

I'm not sure on what earth I thought I could still wear this size 28 dress when I had brought a brand new size 18 dress to wear at the wedding the next day. Really, I thought I could wear two different dresses in 5 sizes apart? I read people say all the time that their brain does not stay "caught up" with their body as they lose a significant amount of weight. I guess this was my brain's way of playing it a little slow.

I'm really sad to lose this piece of clothing. I bought it on a vacation in Pensacola. I wore it to my friend Annie's wedding and to my sister's rehearsal dinner, among so many other "special occasions." It's sleeveless, but I never felt self conscience wearing it without covering up my arms. It really is the perfect dress.

My loss is your gain, however, and I have posted it on Great Clothing Exchange. I've had it for a couple years, but it's honestly been worn less than 10 times so I wanted it to go to a good home. And it can be yours for the cost of shipping. Just head over there and leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random on Monday.


KG said...

Aw so cute! But glad it's gonna get a new home that isn't the back of a closet.

Jennifer said...

It's so true that our brains have to catch up with our bodies! I have a few dresses that I can't give up, yet they're way too big! Everyone says "that's a good thing!" But then I want to say: OK. Donate some money to me so I can buy clothes in my new, smaller size! lol.

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