Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Weigh in

Last week's weight - 265.6

This week's weight - 265.0

0.6 pounds LOST

64.4 pounds lost since June 2010

I was on a roller coaster this week. No joke. After a huge 5 lb loss, I caved into Mexican and margaritas in the early part of the week and booked myself to spend too many meals eating out (3 dinners and a lunch).

I resolved to stick to my 1650 daily calorie goal no matter what and while I wasn't perfect it made me conscience of what I was ordering and eating while out.

I was way up around Tuesday, back down Thursday morning and then up again Friday. I finally evened out this morning to score a small loss. And I didn't starve myself yesterday.

I forced a no eating out rule this weekend and successfully cooked a delicious dinner last night and even better breakfast this morning.

For breakfast this morning I made whole grain blueberry pancakes and center-cut bacon. I hope to share the recipe with you all tomorrow. It was one of my "substitute on a whim" creations and I believe it turned out great.

Happy Sunday y'all.


whoatemyblog said...

Congrats on your loss. I knew you would rebound!!!

Thank you for the delicious meals this weekend. Your cooking is spoiling me. :-)

Brittany said...

A loss, is a loss no matter how small! So proud of you, for how well you've done! xoxo

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