Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hardee's Turkey Burger, strength training, failing at follow through

One of my Facebook friends posted this and I think it's a great quote to remember.

You can't change your environment, but you can change yourself; you can't change the reality, but you can change your perspective; you can't change your past, but you can change your future.
The Hardee's turkey burger

Monday night, after getting caught in quite the downpour walking to yoga, I had a great (albeit wet) yoga session. I was starving afterward and still needed to go to the grocery store. So, I figured I'd try the new turkey burger at Hardee's. I wasn't really a fan.

Was it edible? Sure. But what I ate was a perfectly round, flat disk of processed meat, which I am assuming was from a turkey, covered in mayo. All for about 480 calories. And yes, I could have gotten it without the mayo, but I forgot it came with mayo.

I would have rather had a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. Or if I want a burger, I'll go to Five Guys and get a "little" hamburger for 480 calories.

Strength training

I've basically dropped all strength training I was doing. Blah. I just don't like doing weights or calisthenics or really any kind of core or strength training. Tell me to walk 13.1 miles, fine. But don't ask me to do 13 push-ups.

I feel like I've already lost everything I worked for the several weeks after the Mercedes half-marathon. I know this is horrible to say, but I feel fatter even though the scale says otherwise.

I need to set-up a strength training plan, but I have no idea what to do to optimize weight-loss, while also building the strength I need for my Warrior Dash goal this fall. Anyone have any suggestions?

Failing at follow through

Lastly, tonight was the final check in for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Spring in 2 Action push-up challenge. Well, I failed big time. I pretty much let my partner (@healthyem) down and stopped checking in mid-way through. I also cannot do even 1 more push up today than I could 6 weeks ago.

I hate not following through with things. That's not usually my personality - to not follow through - but I've done it twice in the last 6 weeks now. Both with this and the Healthy March Challenge, which I abandoned the last week and a half. A small part of it is motivation, the other part is just putting too much on my plate at once.


healthy_blogging said...

Hi Emily,

Strength training is an important element of most fat loss programs. You need to look for something that you enjoy and make each workout a personal challenge that you can and will overcome.

People often become bored if they do the same exercises for months on end. If you vary your workout routine, it can alleviate boredom.

You have goals, you want to lose weight and get healthy. The fact that you're motivated gives you an advantage, there are millions of people who say that they'll get healthy but never follow through. Unlike those folks, you're doing something about it. Good for you.

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