Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess how long it takes me to use all of this honey

On our way home from Burgess Falls Saturday we stopped at a roadside farm stand near the park and I got this beauty:

32 oz of pure, local honey.

It was only $15. I think what I pay for that much organic honey at the grocery store would work out to be more than that and it's not local. So I saw it as an investment.

Fact: apparently honey is the only food that never spoils. Fun right?

Also, among many other healthy benefits, consuming local honey can reduce seasonal allergies. Now, this honey is from Buffalo Valley, TN which is about an hour from my house. I'm not sure how "local" you have to get to see positive effects on seasonal allergies, but considering my eyes are itching just typing this post I'll give anything a shot.

On last fact...did you know you can spray a tablespoon with cooking spray before you use it to measure honey and the honey won't stick? It slides right off!

I'm pretty excited about this giant jar of golden goodness. I may have to go back to putting a bit of honey on my oats in the morning. I cut it out of my morning breakfast a few months back to reduce sugar from my diet, but I think this giant jar warrants honey back in my daily life!

So, how long do you think it will take me to consume this jar of honey? Leave a date in the comments section below, and whomever guesses closest to the correct date will win something - I have no idea what yet, but I promise it will be good.


KG said...

I'm gonna go with your birthday on this! Now get to eating honey!

marisol said...

Dang that's a lotta honey. I add it to my steel cut oatmeal and it's so good. I will say maybe a year from today.

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