Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blast from the past - senior prom

Yesterday while talking with some co-workers about prom and prom dresses, I realized that I am smaller today than I was at my senior prom.

Me - senior prom. I have no idea how much I weighed,
but the dress was a size 28 (special ordered)
Yes I have braces (like, being fat wasn't enough).

What's weird is, at the time, I never looked at myself as being obese as I do now when I look at old pictures. I was very lucky and didn't go through a lot that overweight kids go through. I was rarely teased. Maybe I was in my own world, but I felt like I fit in. I never had a boyfriend in high school - and went to the prom with friends. But those friends were enough for me. I ate baskets of tater tots with pizza or fried chicken sandwiches almost every day for lunch. I never wanted to lose weight. I was fat, and generally happy.

How's that for perspective?