Monday, November 29, 2010

Weigh in - Week 25

Last week's weight: 296.0 (this was the actual weight even though I reported 299.6 - taken 2 days prior to weigh in day)
This week's weight: 296.0

No loss, no gain this week

33.4 pounds lost since June 2010

The scale held steady over Thanksgivning and the weekend that followed. Honestly, I dodged the bullet on this one. Here I confess my overeating sins.

Friday night I had about 400 calories of pie and ice cream, when I said I would not have pie other than ON Thanksgiving. There was just so. much. pie.

Saturday after my long walk, I ate about 2000 calories over my normal daily goal. It was boredom eating. I spent the afternoon watching movies and for some reason all those chips, ice cream, snack cakes and tater tots kept calling my name. This was the first time I binged in many, many months.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to lunch before I left town. The place we dined had delicious homemade pasta, so of course I got the cajun seafood pasta with CREAM sauce. The portion was larger than my head. Thankfully, I am getting better at saying "when" at the point I get full so I only ate about 1/4 of it and I left the leftovers with my mom. I hope she enjoys them, because that pasta was darn good!

So, I can't say I have overcame the triggers of family and home, but I am working on it. I feel like I keep falling off a horse and every time I fail it is more painful. I have a plan turning in my head for my Christmas trip home.

I hope you all had a satisfying, wonderful Thanksgiving!


whoatemyblog said...

Good job on no weight gain. I was not as fortunate as you. :)

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