Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weigh in - Week 22

Last week's weight - 303.6
This week's weight - 301.6

Total LOST this week - 2 pounds

30.2 pounds lost since June 2010

Disclaimer: I weighed in yesterday knowing that last night I would be enjoying myself at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ fest. And enjoy I did.

This week's weigh in DOES put me at my GOAL of losing 30 lbs by December 31st! 54 days before my deadline, by the way. However, I am still not under 300 pounds because of a few gains I had. I have something in mind to celebrate my first goal, but I will talk more about that and actually do it once I get to the under 300 mark. I expect that to be before Thanksgiving!

My mom is in town for the next two days, but I think I'll have some good blog topics next week - there was an interesting observation about the relationship with food between me and my mom and it definitely got my thinking. I can't wait to dive into it.

I haven't walked in over a week because of my ankle. I plan to do my first walk post-second sprain on Tuesday. My training schedule puts the walk at 3 miles, but honestly I'm only going to do that distance as long as is no pain during it.

Hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep! I'm waiting for my mom to wake up so we can go to brunch. YUM!


whoatemyblog said...

That is awesome!!! Way to go!!!! mmmmmmmm... brunch :)

Emmie said...

Awesome! You're so close to the under 300 mark!! Have fun with your mom :)

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