Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scale surprise and eating for training

This morning there was a very special surprise on the scale. I hope it sticks around for Sunday, which means I would officially have complete goals (lose 30 lbs and be under 300) before Thanksgiving and 6 weeks before my deadline. This will definitely help me stay on track as I finish my work week and travel out of town Saturday.

I have a lot to post about - new clothes (2 sizes down), my goal reward, setting my next goal - I just haven't had the time.

Half-marathon training
Monday I didn't finish my training walk. I went to the gym during a peak time (right after work), which meant I could only be on the treadmill for 30 minutes - I got in 1.9 miles in 32 minutes, which is a 16:40 pace, but the schedule had 2.5 miles. So I have put $5 in "the jar."

Yesterday I went later in the evening and was able to do my 3 miles. I'd love to find another option for walking indoors, I just can't afford a gym membership right now. I will attempt to get up and do my walk before work on Thursday. Hopefully it is light enough.

Carb Lovers kickstart - Round 2
I admittedly realized last night I haven't been following the kickstart menu plans at all. I've been eating "Carb Lover's friendly," but out of the 3 days I've been "following" it, I've only really restricted my calories 1 day. I really will try to do better for the next 4 days, but I've just been really hungry since my 6 mile walk on Saturday, and I refuse to leave myself starving.

Anyone out there that exercises A LOT - I'm talking burning 2,000-3,000 calories a week - have any tips about how to nourish yourself so you aren't hungry, but you are also not consuming a lot of calories?


Unknown said...

I just finished training for my 1st half (I run it on Sunday) and I think the best bang for your buck is with foods that pack volume but not a lot of calories. I eat a lot of vegetables (roasted ones like brussels sprouts, squash, broccoli) and things like beans, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and other whole grains. Greek yogurt is another food that is filling and really good for you. On the days I run long distances 9 miles plus, I def eat more. But on the days I am doing basic traning, I really don't eat that much more. That was a hard mentality to get used to, but I think it helped me to lose and not gain weight while training. Good luck!!

Big Life, Little Blog said...

Thanks for the ideas Jamie! I definitely need to get more veggies in the house each week. I agree with everything you mentioned - I think I just needed to hear it!

Judloved said...

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Unknown said...

I have the same problem. When I work out a lot I want to eat the house down. I succumb to it sometimes but when I am prepared I don't. I have those individual Green Giant veggies... I like the brussel sprouts and the peas/corn with garlic sauce. They are less than a hundred calories, they are filling and they are fast. Sometimes I just need to shove something in my face to make the craving stop. When you DO need protein, the greek yogurt is the bomb.

Diana P. said...

My goal is to burn 1200 calories per I have to do something to keep from starving. I just have to watch the quality of food I'm eating; which mean NO empty calories. Empty calories just add calories and add cravings.

What I do to keep from getting hungry is make sure I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks--basically eating something every 3 1/2 hours. After my workout, my snack is a protein shake (20 grams protein, 200 calories). My snack in the afternoon is usually greek yogurt. I keep my meals lower calorie but still filling by having a double serving a double portion of green veggies (broccoli, salad, green beans etc).

Also, when you're hungry inbetween meals, make sure you have something with protein and/or fiber --those are the things that will make you feel fuller.

Hope this helps! It's worked well for me. I just have to keep busy...I struggle with boredom eating.

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