Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hold the stuffing

Every year my company hosts a 'Hold the Stuffing' challenge for their employees to maintain their weight during the holidays. Basically you weigh in before Thanksgiving and then again after the New Year and if you don't gain more than 2 lbs you are entered to win a prize.

2 years ago I gained 2.5 lbs

Last year I didn't participate (i.e. I probably gained 10 lbs during the holidays)

This year my goal is to maintain (or lose). So I weighed in today. And I will weigh in again the second week of January.

I've been working on my "Holiday Plan" for weeks now. I've made several "guidelines." A few are:

- No consumption of any baked goods brought in by co-workers (so far, we've had pie, cake, muffins, bagels and pastries)
- Allow myself 1 piece of dessert ON the day of the holiday and not the days before or after

I'm still deciding how to tackle Thanksgiving Dinner, as I will not have control of what is being prepared. Portions will be key.

Of course, when I talked to my mom tonight and asked her where she wanted me to eat Thanksgiving dinner (her family, or my dad's) she goes, "oh just eat a little at both."

I just can't win.


Miss Lynn said...

Have you ever tried using a smaller plate to keep your portions smaller? I have often heard of this idea and it seems like it would be a way to exercise some control over the situation before the meal actually begins . . . ?

whoatemyblog said...

Eat an apple and drink a glass of water before dinner. Are you still going to prepare your own healthy sides. Don't be ashamed to take them to both dinners.

My buddy Sean adds 1000 calories to his day for Thanksgiving and Christmas only. So maybe that will help too.

Lynn had a great tip, and you might limit your meal to one small plate. No seconds.


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