Sunday, November 14, 2010

Carb Lovers Kickstart - Round 2

Today I am starting another week of Carb Lover's Kickstart. There are four of us on Twitter doing it together (But I think I started a day early). The biggest thing for me I think is sticking to the 1500 calories.

Things I will do differently:

- Have the green tea drink
- Make sure I eat 1500 calories so I do not feel tired or lack energy (last time I was coming in around 1200-1400 and while I was not hungry, it caught up with me after a few days
- Eat an extra snack on the days I walk 3 or more miles
-I'm not going to stick to the meal plans exactly (not recommended for first time Kickstarters), but I am using them as a guide

Tips I picked up from the first time I did Kickstart

- Drink plenty of water - at least 64 oz a day
- Exercise 4 times a week
- No soda or other artificial sweeteners
- Stay away from sugar and sweets completely - you can stay away from dessert for a week! (Sub in fruit and Greek yogurt if you need to)

My hope is this will kickstart my metabolism right to get through Thanksgiving and get me under 300 pounds (only a little over a pound to go!).

In the case of full disclosure, I've already had a soy latte this morning. My insomnia had me awake at 5 am and I headed to the grocery story at 7 and a soy latte just sounded perfect. So I did it. Not the best start to a week of strict commitment.

I am also getting together with some friends today while they watch the football game. I plan to eat before we go and I will have unsweet iced tea while we're there. We may go out for dinner afterward, so I will try to have a lower cal lunch.

Right now, I'm going to have a banana strawberry shake (frozen bananas, strawberries and milk) for a snack - I ate breakfast at 6, so I'm already hungry!

Have a great Sunday!


whoatemyblog said...

Let me know how that Green Tea drink turns out. I bought some green tea but didn't like it without sweetener, so I drank as much as I could and poured the remainder out. However, I can drink coffee without sweetener.

Here's to a good kickstart week for all of us starting this week!! :)

Unknown said...

Green tea is tough without sweetener, that's for sure. Then again, everything liquid that I want to drink isn't as good without sweetener. Sigh.

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