Friday, January 25, 2013

Ankle Update - Still Plugging Along

I haven't fully discussed it on the blog yet, but while I was in New Orleans, on Jan. 2nd, I rolled and sprained my ankle.

It's happened before.

I kind of shook it off at first, it happened the night before we left NOLA and I was walking pretty slow, but the pain went away pretty quickly.

The swelling and bruising did not.

So a few days after the incident I went to the orthopedic doctor I've seen before for my ankle and had an x-ray. It didn't show any fracture (thank goodness), but he reiterated what he told me in 2010 - arthritis in my ankle due to (a life full of) previous injuries. There are also some bone spurs in various parts of my joint - the most concerning is one at the point on the top of my ankle where the leg meets the foot. It's limiting my range of motion - and could be affecting my ability to run with correct form.

So, I've been doing PT for 3 weeks and I'm already getting stronger.

At the onset my hips were weak, along with the weak ankle, and they therapist wouldn't clear me to even walk on the treadmill for the first 2 weeks. I was cleared to walk for exercise this week.

Unfortunately, running won't come until I get more range of motion back in my ankle, and it's frustrating. It will probably be another 4-6 weeks.

Of course, now that I *can't* run, I *want* to run. I was so burnt out at the end of the year, I was perfectly content going to the gym and walk on the treadmill. I've been itching to take off on a run for the last two weeks. Not only because Triathlon training is scheduled to start in 6 days, but because I am anxious to lose this holiday weight and I know running ramps up my metabolism.

I'm trying to be patient. As of Feb. 1 I'll be back at the Y and that means back to swimming and spinning. That should be enough for right now.

My first Tri of the season is May 18th. Just 16 short weeks away!

It will be here before I know it.