Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weigh in - heart's just not in it

Last Week's weight - 236.6

This Week's weight - 240.0

3.4 lbs GAINED

89.2 lbs lost since June 2010

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ashamed of the 240s creeping back. But another part of me doesn't really care. I need to reevaluate what I'm doing here. To tell you the truth, my heart just hasn't been in this weight loss thing lately. And if you've ever tried to lose weight you know your heart has to be into it to succeed.

My heart is into the fitness part of a healthy lifestyle, but not the nutrition part. Unfortunately the nutrition is the important part for weight loss.

I'm headed to the beach later this week. I hope a few days away will recenter my priorities. Or if the priorities in my heart are different than those in my mind, I can figure out how to balance it. It's time to make something happen either way.

I'm done with this roller coaster ride.


Emmie said...

Many hugs. Totally know what you're going through.

marisol said...

I think you've been counting calories right? perhaps changing the way you look at food would help you get motivated. Maybe try WW or Paleo or anything else. Something that is new and you focus on. I tend to do well this way. This week I am doing a 1 week Eat Clean diet to kick up my weight loss since I really want to reach a 100 pound loss by my birthday which is in 3 weeks. Blogilates has a free meal plan which averages out to about 1600 calories per day and it's considered a clean diet. Maybe check that you?

No matter what I know that you can do it.

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