Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weigh in

Last Week's weight - 232.0 This Week's weight - 236.4 4.4 lbs GAINED 92.8 lbs lost since June 2010 Apparently I'm not done with the roller coaster yet. I overate, made bad choices, and binged on Oreo cookies. All while no exercise happened. A gain was imminent. I'll pick myself up again and make it right this week. The only thing I did positively this week was join the Y in advance of Tri training beginning this week.


Jennifer said...

One positive step is all it takes sometimes! I had a week where I didn't exercise as much as I'd like, too. I hate the rollercoaster as well, but we both know we can get that car heading in one direction: Down!

marisol said...

This journey isn't about being perfect. We fall at times but the most important thing you can & will do is pick yourself back up.

Silas said...

A bump in the road, or even a short detour, cannot break you, if you don't let it! Love your attitude.

Also - I'm starting Tri training myself. Doing biking and swimming this week, hopefully the physical therapist lets me run next week!


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