Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, really Groupon? 64% Off Weight-loss Hot Pants

The first thing I do when my eyes open in the morning is to check my phone. You know, get the low down on what I missed while I (and everyone else) was sleeping for the last 7 hours.

Imagine my confusion (I thought I was dreaming a hilarious satirical, SNL inspired, dream) when I read this subject line: 64% Off Pair of Weight-Loss Hot Pants from Zaggora

Orly, Groupon?

The email:

Click for larger image

When you view the deal, it gets better. In short, it claims that these pants will bless the wearer with dropping 2 dress sizes JUST BY WEARING THE PANTS. Oh, if it was only that easy....

An excerpt:
Zaggora's hip-hugging HotPants slim bodies by up to two jeans sizes in two weeks using a comfortable bioceramic material that emits infrared rays to help wearers naturally and efficiently amp up weight-loss regimens. The shorts' Celu-Lite technology smoothes thighs and other dimple-prone areas by galvanizing the skin's internal zamboni to promote a deep warming of body tissues and promote lymphatic drainage. This process boosts sweating by up to 80% and aids in eliminating the toxins responsible for cellulite.
So in summary...these shorts are going to emit infrared rays into my body, promote drainage from my lymph-nodes and make me sweat 80% more?! NO THANK YOU!

I can't believe ANYONE would ever fall for these outlandish claims that by simply wearing a pair of shorts you can lose 2 dress sizes. The only thing I've come across to do this is eat less, move more. Simple science.

Have you seen any too-good-to-be-true diet or weight-loss products lately? Please share so we can all chuckle at ridiculousness.


KG said...

I do not mess with my internal zamboni!

Personal Trainer NJ said...

Prefer barbecued fish, poultry and other lean meats instead of fried beef or pork. Always avoid fried food and clean the fat from meat before cooking.

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