Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weigh in - Week 31

Last week's weight: 295.4
This week's weight: 295.4

No loss, no gain

34 pounds lost since June 2010

I am pissed.

There's really no other description for my emotion surrounding this week's weigh in. It doesn't help that I woke up in a terrible mood to begin with (however, helped a bit with that - thanks Jenne).

I can't even comprehend how no movement on the scale is physically or scientifically possible AT ALL - I had over an 8,000 calorie deficit this week between what I consumed and what I burned.

Maybe this says something for how the type of calories you eat affect weight loss? I ate completely within my calorie range every day this week, but Friday I did eat a high calorie dinner (onion rings, buffalo chicken wrap, buttered croissant...) But, I ate lighter for breakfast and lunch so I was within my goal for the day. And yesterday was a perfect day eating wise.

Or maybe the spin/sculpt workout from Friday that has left me extremely sore has my muscles retaining water? As you can see, I'm at a loss...

To top it all off I'm twice as sore today as I was yesterday and still have my 8 mile walk to get in. And its currently a windchill of 9. That makes me even more of a grumpy pants.

This kind of thing makes me go all, "well who cares what the heck I eat today." And I'm trying not to do that, but I am not doing a very good job as I've ate 730 calories of my 1900 goal already.

I'm not about to let my day get worse by not getting my walk in, so I should go bundle up for that.


Chris said...

Hi Emily, you're doing great. Even though you're discouraged now, you're taking all the right actions and asking the right questions. Just keep on your path and you will succeed. I don't want to fill you up with platitudes to address your "stinkin thinkin" but I also don't think it's necessary given the label you gave this post.

Here's a thought on the mechanics of it all. I am 100% convinced that a calorie count is not a significant part of the full measure of our foods. Our bodies are an intricate network of processes which are actively occurring all the time. Every little cellular process requires a specific set of nutrients and a fair amount of water. I assume you're well versed in the importance of hydration but are you looking closely at the types of foods you're eating?

As you pointed out, on Friday you were within your calorie goal for the day but dinner was onion rings, buffalo chicken wrap, buttered croissant. Those fried foods actually sap your body of important minerals some of which (specifically Iodine) are used to control your thyroid which controls your metabolism. There's a youtube video that addresses this topic very well. I'm not big on posting links on other people's blogs but it's by "maestroelearning" and is entitled "How diet soda causes weight gain" you may find it as eye opening as I did.

I'm new here so you may know all this already, but hopefully you'll find it useful in some way. In any event, I wish you all the best and will definitely be back. I still have a ways to go towards my goal (60 more pounds to be exact) and am always looking to meet fellow travelers on this journey!

Skip Cunningham said...

Hi. Don't give up. The fried stuff might have you retaining water. That happens to me, and I am very careful not to eat high-sodium stuff a couple of days before weigh-in.

Also, make sure you're eating enough. (Seriously.) Check out the tools at Hang in there.

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