Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hold the Stuffing - Results

On November 16 I weighed in to begin my employer's holiday challenge. Anyone who doesn't gain more than 2 pounds, between Thanksgiving and New Years is entered to win a prize (This year it happens to be a Nike sportsband)

My official beginning weight was 302.4

Today, was the end of the challenge for me and I weighed in to see if I qualified for the prize. If you are keeping track, my weigh ins on my blog had me losing 5.8 pounds in this two month time frame. So, I knew I completed the challenge, but would my mid-day weigh in, with a chunky sweater and winter boots on be as kind? Not exactly.

My official ending weigh in was 298.8

A total loss of 3.6 pounds (officially)

There's always disappointment in a foreign scale not matching your home scale, but more importantly, between the gluttony of Thanksgiving, the Christmas sweets and traditional New Years alcohol binge I managed to lose weight. I would be safe to bet that this is the FIRST time this has ever happened. Ever.

However, I look at those numbers (5.8 and 3.6) and I know I can do better in a span of 2 months. I know it. Sure, what I did is great - but I can be better.

Frankly, the new goal I've set for myself scares me. I am only 5 lbs down with just 25 weeks left, which means I need to lose 1.8 lbs to make it to my goal of losing 50 lbs by July 1. That's scary. But I know I CAN do it. And I WILL do it.

New blogger friend
If you haven't yet, go read Karissa's first post at Confessions of an Herbivore. And not just because she's a good friend of mine. Her first post is inspiring. She writes eloquently, so much of what I felt when I first started my blog. She's one to watch y'all.


KG said...

That's awesome Em. I need to play along from home next year. :) We could do a separate prize for the household...that way we would have a 50% chance of winning!

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