Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weigh in - Week 32

Last week's weight: 295.4
This week's weight: 290.6

4.8 pounds LOST this week

38.8 pounds lost since June 2010.

Damnit, I just typed out a whole post on my phone because my laptop got a virus last week and isn't running and then I lost it! Ugh.

I guess I got my 2 pounds I should have lost last week + 2.8 more for this week. Booya!

I did my 12+ miles today at a slower pace than normal. (18:45/mi) I'm blaming doing it through downtown and having to stop at intersections for traffic. Also, have you noticed how much harder it is to walk on sidewalks than paved trails? Ouch. There's only 4 weeks until my race. I'm ready to be done and turn my focus to a new fitness goal. As good as you feel after doing 10 or 12 miles, I'm ready to have my weekends back!

Expect limited updates from me until I can figure out how to fix my laptop.


Emmie said...

awesome! congrats. Hope you can get your laptop sorted out.

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