Thursday, July 15, 2010

A cause of the slump

Thanks to everyone that left me encouraging words on the last post. It really is amazing to receive such support from friends and strangers alike.

I've had a lot on my mind regarding this journey for a happier, healthier self and weight loss aside I have other things on my mind tonight.

What I've been pondering for the last few days; is anyone truly happy in their job? I mean is it possible to have complete and utter satisfaction at the job you keep because you have to in order to pay the bills? During an argument, my mom once told me, "Emily, no one likes their job, so just live with it." I'm starting to believe her.

I'm on my 3rd position (second company) in 3.5 years since I graduated (not counting the dozens of odd jobs I took during a 6 month bout of unemployment in 2007) and I'm still not completely satisfied with where I am in the workforce. Since this is a public blog, I won't go into details, but one thing I realized this week, coming back from vacation, is that I'm not happy where I'm at. How long do I wait to see if things will even out? Am I searching for the elusive wild boar?

Yesterday I contemplated quitting my cozy office job to join the ranks of Starbucks baristas worldwide. Do they make good money?


Unknown said...

I had that same realization myself this past year and decided life was too short not to do something I loved, so I took the LSAT and got admitted into law school, leaving my 13 year teaching career in the dust. It felt soooooo good to take positive action for myself for once. Best of luck in your decisions!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I agree with Leonard- but I didn't take the LSAT. Life's too short, and you're too smart! Gotta do what makes you happy, lady. Lunch soon? xoxo

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