Sunday, July 25, 2010

6.8 pound weight loss

Last week's weight 327.4
This week's weight 320.6

Weight lost this week 6.8 pounds

Total lost since June 6th 8.8 pounds

I'm wondering this week if my scale is broken. I haven't been to the gym or done any extra physical activity in over three weeks so where did this weight loss come from?

I'm sure some of it comes from the 4 pounds I gained on vacation and my body is still in detox from a week of gluttony. I also watched what I ate this week. I only ate out once and that meal was grilled shrimp and couscous.

I came to the realization that weighing in on Sunday mornings has done wonders for the choices I make Friday night - Saturday. Weekends were always the worst for me. It used to be when I ate out the most, baked cookies, cakes or other sugar and butter filled goodies and just generally lost control of what I was eating. For the most part, I am fine Monday - Friday so this schedule is working to my advantage.

I have plans to go back to the free employee gym this week. I'm ready to keep this up.


Stephen said...

BOOM!!!! Congrats on the 6.8 lb loss!!!!!

Ann Summerville said...

Wow - Congrats on the weight loss. I'm with you on the week-end problems, I put my journal aside this week-end and know I will regret it on Monday.
Less of Me

Emmie said...

wow, congrats!

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