Monday, November 12, 2012

Avoiding weigh in this week

I'm not posting a weigh in this week because frankly I'm kind of embarrassed about how I've done in the last week. It's been an ultimate roller coaster ride.

I was up early last week due to a visit with my mom where I took her to all the good southern cookin' places (Arnold's Pancake Pantry, Loveless Cafe). Not to mention several nights of drinking.

I recovered quickly losing 4 lbs or so of water weight Tues - Fri, then this weekend happened and Mexican food, pizza, 12 hours of drinking Saturday night, and hangover recovery Sunday has me super bloated and I just can't face the scale.

Oh, and I've already had a brownie at work today. But they were Cooking Light, so that's OK, right?

It's pretty bad when you run 10 miles Saturday morning and you still feel like a whale on Monday morning.


Megan said...

Awe - chin up! It's ok, this happens to everyone.

marisol said...

Sometimes it's ok to skip a weigh in. But don't make this a habit. Remember your goals. It's ok to have a set back but don't go way back.

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