Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6th Half Marathon on the horizon

Shnikies! How did THAT happen!?! SIXTH?

It's true, this Saturday I'll be participating in the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis, TN making it my SIXTH 13.1 distance event.

You can read about two, three, four, and five on my blog.

(Almost) four years ago, after my first half marathon, I swore I'd never do one of them again. I HATED it and it took me 4 hours and 18 minutes to complete.

This past April, at the same race I did 3 years prior, I PR'd in under 3 hours (2:58).

That, my friends, is progress. And proof that slow and steady wins completes the race.


Esther said...

I am going to be starting C25K soon, so I hope to maybe be where you are someday!

Prof. D said...

You are truly an inspiration. You do you thing. Best wishes on the next HM.

marisol said...

You are my hero. Or is it heroine? hahaha! I am so nervous/anxious/scared to fo my half in April.

You will do great on Saturday and I will be rooting for you.

Unknown said...

Very impressive! Hope it was a great race. That's really great that you didn't give up after your first race.

Anonymous said...

your so inspiring thats awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Have you quit blogging?

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