Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weigh in - Battle of the Scales

Weight on last Saturday (10/6): 244.4

Weight this past Saturday (10/13): 242.2

2.2 pounds LOST

87.2 pounds lost since June 2010

I've been using a different scale lately because mine needed new batteries. So I weighed in yesterday on the scale I've been using and it showed 242.2 (the number I went with this week). I jumped on my own scale this morning after replacing the batteries and it said 248.2.

So, I am going with the 242 number because, well, the other number is scary. Could I have "gained" 6 pounds overnight? Not likely.

Although food choices weren't great yesterday - I had ice cream, beer cheese soup, Chipotle, and then more Mexican at dinner in the form of a Chimichunga and a thousand chips with beer and sangria thrown in there - so maybe I did.

(Of note, my weight on my own scale was 242.2 after my run today)

So we'll transition back to my own scale next week and will probably see a gain, but let's hope not.

Hopefully I'll post something interesting in the meantime this week.