Monday, March 5, 2012

No weigh in this week

In the 21 month history of this blog I think I have missed one, maybe two, weekly weigh ins. Even if I don't post anything else all week, I have always posted a weigh in unless I was on vacation / out of town without a scale.

This week, I basically just forgot.

My usual Sunday morning is I wake up and jump on the scale post-loo, pre-breakfast, but since I wasn't at home Sunday morning I didn't have a scale at my disposal. I did weigh later in the day, after I ate a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast and the scale said 238.0, which is probably +2 what it would read in the morning with nothing in my stomach.

So, I meant to weigh in officially this morning and I forgot again and had my coffee + egg sandwich on my fresh made bread from last night. I still stepped on the scale anyway, and it said 240 (I ate a lot of bread last night, dammit). So my best guess is I'm a little up from last week's 236.8, but I could be anywhere from 236 - 240.

C'est la vie...there may be a weigh in day change in my future. When do you weigh in?


Jess + Alex said...

I used to weigh in on Thursday night, but that gave me an excuse to go crazy over the weekend since I felt like I had time to "make up" for it, but now I weigh in Monday morning so it helps me be much more accountable!

Maren said...

Always mondays! Makes the weekends easier food-wise :)

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