Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weigh in - 5.6 lbs lost and back on track

Last week's weight: 256.0

This week's weight: 250.4

5.6 lbs LOST

79 pounds lost since June 2010

BAM! Whatcha think about that!?!

This seems to be my pattern lately, I lose a little, gain a little, lose a fraction (repeat) and then BAM I lose 5 or 6 pounds. Cest la vie.

This week is proof that you can make good choices and lose weight.

It's proof you can lose weight during your time of the month.

It's proof you can have one meal that is as far from healthy as possible and still lose weight if you are making good choices otherwise.

It's proof you can eat a 450 calorie cookie and still be okay if you work it into your calories for the day/week.

Was every meal perfect this week? Heck no, but I made conscious choices. At work there is always left over food from lunch meetings and events - this week I had two boxed lunches from Panera. The first I had a salad, chips and cookie (the 450 calorie one), the second was a half sandwich, half salad and a peach I brought from home. I immediately gave my cookie away and threw the baguette away. I've said over and over, it's about moderation. And it's about being honest with yourself about what moderation means. Every cookie is not "just one cookie".

14 more pounds to my Garmin Goal! I'm ready!


Sasha said...

WOO HOO! That's awesome. And that pattern sounds familiar, thanks for the reminder. I'm currently stuck in lose-a-little-gain-a-little... I'm due for a "bam" :)

Big Life, Little Blog said...

Thanks Sasha! Good luck on your way to a "bam"!

marisol said...

Congrats! You'll get that garmin soon enough.

It really is about moderation. Good for you!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm dying for a big loss like that! It's been AGES! It's usually 1 lb. or nothing. You're right, though, when you stick to your plan and follow through, the results do show up. Maybe not always right away, but it will happen. You've given me hope!

Jenny said...

Great job! I love a big loss, it's always a boost of confidence. My biggest has been 3 in a week, but I've only been at it for a month. But, still, I'll take it!

Heather said...

One of my mantras is "It feels good letting go of perfection as a goal." :)

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