Monday, August 22, 2011

Bike Adventures

Saturday I went for my second bike ride on my new-to-me bike! I've stuck to paved greenways, but so far I am loving to ride.

Saturday I rode a little over 8 miles on a flat trail. I was only out for about an hour, but because I'm still getting used to riding that's about all I can ride at once before the bike seat makes riding less than comfortable. I need to look into a better gel seat or some bike shorts with the gel inserts.

I also should look into a helmet. Yes, I've been riding without one. Eventually, I'll want to bike from my house to the greenway (about 1/2 a mile or so), so a helmet will be required.

Here are a few pictures from my ride yesterday.

Hey, it's hard to take a pic of yourself on a bike!
Car windows doubled as mirrors can work.

Overall, I am loving my bike and riding it. It's something you can do when it is hot out (yesterday was 90+), but it doesn't feel that miserable because of the natural breeze of zooming down the pathway. I know there are runners out there that won't admit it, but biking is so much more fun than running. Except when hills are involved. :)

But man, just like running, this is an EXPENSIVE hobby. As I mentioned, I still need a helmet and I'd like to get a gel seat. Also, I need a bike rack for easier transportation. Until the money Gods shine down on me, I'm left with lifting my bike in and out of the back of my Element.

I can't wait to have more bike adventures and build up my riding endurance.


Heather said...

If you have an unnaturally small head, I think Lucas has an extra bike helmet. :)

A note about the pain-in-your-butt bike thing: in my experience, going to a bike store and having them find the right seat for me (good ones have a thing you sit on so they can tell the distance between your sit bones--no kidding) made a lot more difference than having bike shorts. (since you have to prioritize the purchases)

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