Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Freezer challenge

After the roommate was trying to stow some things given to us by friends moving to Qatar for 11 weeks (yes really, Qatar), it was decided that our freezer space is out of control. We have one of those bottom drawer freezer things and it is to the point of fullness that I am scared to open it in fear that I will not be able to close it. Or that frozen food will jump out and attack me.

So our new household challenge is to NOT buy anymore frozen food until everything is eaten out of the freezer. The goal is for each of us to eat at least one thing from the freezer each day.

I took some before photos (Click for larger version):

Really, these photos do not even do our freezer justice with its layers upon layers of frozen, high sodium foods. The depth of what our freezer actually contains does not even begin to take shape in these photos. Take note:

- We have THREE packages of skinless, boneless chicken breasts
- The two fake meat products in the photo does not begin to show the amount we have in our possession. There are - boca burgers, black bean burgers and marsala burgers.
- There are probably 3-4 bags of frozen broccoli waiting to be consumed.

Really, what do 2 humans do with this much food? We eat! Healthy of course...


KG said...

I took a little frozen burrito from about level two of the top part for lunch today so I am doing my part. The bottom I have no idea is a steak. The top one is maybe those frozen chilis in sauce for the spicy zuch pasta? And don't worry, those chicken strips will be the first to go. :)

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