Thursday, August 5, 2010

Couch to 5K - Day 2

I was able to run each interval for the right time durations today. What a victory! Only on day 2 and I was able to keep up. I'm not focusing on the pace as much as the time duration, but after 30 mins of run/walking I had completed 1.56 miles. I ran at a 4.0 pace and walked at a 2.9. At a 1 incline the entire time. In the end I am only doing about a an 18 min and 45 sec mile, but I am running and that's the goal.

I will do the last day of week 1 on Sunday (hopefully) and then move on to week 2!

This weekend I'm visiting my hometown of St. Louis for a birthday celebration tomorrow night and lovely gathering for a friend who is pregnant. After this weekend I'll get to show you all my first sewing project and cross off an item from my 101 in 1001.


Stephen said...

Way to go!!!!!!

Emmie said...

dang! That's awesome!

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