Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weigh in - Post-Colorado edition

Last week's weight - 262.0

This week's weight - 260.4

1.6 pounds LOST

69 pounds lost since June 2010

It may seem like a measly 1.6 pound loss, but I am really happy with this weigh in. Mainly because I know I was active every day at the conference in Colorado. I ran, biked and walked. Admittedly, I did not track what I was eating and I ate dessert twice a day. However, I felt in control of what I was eating. My portions were in check, I stopped eating when I felt full, leaving food on my plate, and I drank plenty of water.

It sounds silly to say since it *was* a work trip, but I feel really refreshed coming back from Colorado. I feel more in control of my food choices and I actually WANT to get out and be active (except the fact it is 96% humidity in Nashville right now).

I know I won't hit my July 1 goal, but I am so close to the 250s that is motivating me to keep moving.