Monday, December 20, 2010

Weigh in - Week 28

I forgot my laptop in Nashville so for the next week or so my blogging abilities are limited. My mom only has an archaic computer that takes forever to do anything and I hate using it. I did try to post my weigh in yesterday from a Blogger app I downloaded on my phone, but it deleted half my post before I was done, so I gave up.

Anyways, better late than never. Here we go.

Last week's weight: 295.8
This week's weight: 297.2

1.4 pounds GAINED

32.2 pounds lost since June 2010

The last several weeks I've been teetering back and forth between 295 and 297. I don't think it's a big deal, I just need to stay on my game for the next two weeks and really focus on making the scale go down after the holidays.

Tomorrow I will get in a 4 mile walk. It didn't happen today because I had a major case of the "Kelly flu" (aka hungover). I spent way too much time on the couch, but I had a great time with friends last night so it's totally worth feeling like a worthless blob.


KG said...

I wondered why you didn't take your laptop! Jealous of the fun...not jealous of the hangover :)

KG said...

You should have got some Chaser Plus! ;)

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