Monday, October 4, 2010

Final weigh in for Carb Lover's kickstart week

Starting weight (9/27) - 313.6
Today's weight - 307.6

Total weight lost - 6 pounds

23.8 pounds lost since June 2010

Well, I did as the Carb Lover's editors promised....I lost 6 pounds in 7 days! And I am now just about 7.5 pounds from my goal of being under 300 and losing 30 pounds by the end of 2010. My aspirational goal is to hit this milestone before Thanksgiving!

This is just a quick update to post my final results. Look for Part 2 tonight where I talk more about my feelings on the Carb Lover's plan and post some tips I figured out along the way.

Happy Monday!


Stephen said...

Congrats!!!! I bet you feel good!!!

We need progress pics! :)

Emmie said...

Great job!

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