Monday, July 28, 2014

Friend Makin' Mondays: Feeling Fruity!

Funny how that last post of "I'm going to post everyday for a month!" turned into "I'm not blogging for almost 10 months!"

There have been so many times I've thought about how I could "break back into" blogging after going radio silent. I attended Fitbloggin' a month ago and while I loved seeing my friends and I *wanted* to blog again, I just had so many excuses about why I haven't.

So what better way to make a return then doing a Friend Makin' Monday by Sarah at Losing Weight and Having Fun.

This week’s topic is ‘Feeling Fruity’

1. What is your favorite fruit?
 Bananas! Or maybe Avocados....are those really considered fruit?

2. Is there a fruit that you really really don’t like?
Nope! I love all fruit!

3. If you could only drink one fruit juice for the rest of your life, what flavor would it be?
I don't really like fruit juice, but a splash of Pomegranate juice is nice with sparkling water.

4. Tomatoes – fruit or vegetable?
I want to say fruit, because that's technically what they are, but I view them as a vegetable in my own diet.

5. How many portions of fruit do you eat a day?
I eat a banana nearly everyday so usually 1-3

6. if you were making a smoothie what fruits would you add?
blueberries, strawberries, and/or bananas

7. Are you allergic to any fruits?

8. Do you have a favorite fruit recipe? Feel free to share the recipe with us.
Peach Cobbler, Paula Deen style :)

9. Do you have any fruits that are local to your area?
People grow berries, peaches, and melons, but I'm not sure any are native to Tennessee.

10. What is your favorite fruit pie? pie is probably my favorite traditional pie.

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Sarah Lou said...

Yay thanks for taking part. Welcome back :)
Now I want peach cobbler

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