Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in v2.0

So this is me starting over. We aren't focusing on the past anymore. Sure, it's still part of my story, but it's not going to determine where I go from here.

I've written so many of these "starting over" posts in the last few months, I can no longer promise this won't be another false start. But I can promise I will try.

New Starting Weight (7/1): 282.0

Today's Weight: 276.2

5.8 pounds LOST

So this is where I'm starting from, although I'm trying to not focus on the past, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I thought I'd never see these numbers on the scale again and it's a little majorly disappointing. One thing I took away from Fitbloggin' is that I need to release the hold the scale has on me. Yes, I will continue using it as a tool. But the number on the scale does not determine my success or failure. It does not determine my worth, my strength, or my happiness. All it will be from now is ONE of the tools I use weekly to measure if what I am doing is working to become healthier.

Yesterday was also time for firsts

Yesterday I did something I vowed I would never do - ran over 3 miles in the pouring rain.

It's been raining in Nashville for 3 days - today I finally see the sun! So to say I had a case of cabin fever yesterday - the third day straight of rain - is an understatement.

We did four sets of 90 second run/90 second walk, 3 min run/3 min walk. It was a bit intense on the hills of Nashville, but I survived and ran all the intervals. It's also sort of refreshing and freeing to run in the rain.

No this wasn't me post shower - I was this soaked!
Afterward, I made my traditional post-race breakfast: scrambled eggs and sauteed potatoes. I was out of spinach, so I added grated zucchini to the eggs. It was REALLY good! It will be a new "add veggies to my eggs" rotation for sure!

And iced coffee for sure!
Then yesterday afternoon, I explored a few waterfalls east of the rain. See a theme for yesterday? My quads are killing me this morning, but it feels so good.

When you are training for a race, do you run in the rain if your schedule calls for it?