Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weigh in - Post race edition

Last Week's Weight - 241.2

This Week's Weight - 248.2

7 pounds GAINED

81 pounds lost since June 2010

FAIL!  I always use long races as an excuse to eat everything in front of me for two days - the day before and day of. I've already made out a meal plan for the week and grocery list so I'm just moving on like this didn't happen.

I also think tired and sore muscles after a race hold fluid. I'm not trying to make excuses (even though it IS an excuse), because CLEARLY if you follow me on Twitter you saw the epic table of fried food at lunch after the race yesterday. And last night I probably didn't need 2 plates of food, plus ice cream and pie at the sushi buffet I visited with friends. C'est la vie!

Just moving forward and still tracking what I put in my pie hole. The goal this week is to get through a busy week at work, a happy hour, and another social event without nose diving.

Race recap should be up no later than tomorrow morning - onward!


Anonymous said...

I always gain 2 - 3 pounds after a sushi dinner because of the sodium. It'll come right off. Congratulations on your race!

marisol said...

You gained 8 pounds but they aren't 8 pounds of fat. However, you a freaking triathlete!

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