Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weigh in - First weigh in of 2012

12/31/11 weight - 243.0

This Week's weight - 240.6

2.4 lbs lost

88.8 lbs lost since June 2010

I didn't weigh in last week due to still being in Orlando. The trip was wonderful and the race was the most fun one to date. I promise to write about goal is to post it tomorrow. I just haven't felt like picking up my laptop lately.

Going back to work on Tuesday was a harsh reality, as I knew it would be. And the next two weeks at work will be hell at their best.

I have a lot of goals and ideas swimming around in my head and I just need to focus enough to publicly state them and get started on them. Oh, that will have to come at a later date because I'm too busy doing nothing but laying in bed and reading the Hunger Games series this weekend.

But hey, first weigh in of 2012 is a to a good start, I'd say!


Maren said...

Good job! Starting off 2012 with a loss is a gooood thing :D

Christie said...

Onward and Downward, I always say!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

Woo hoo! Definitely off to a good start. Is it exciting to think this is the year you'll hit goal? :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great loss. Well done

marisol said...

Great job Em!

healthyem said...

that is so awesome!!!

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