Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Overcoming Fears: Zip-lining

A huge part of weight loss for me has been being able to do "normal" activities I never would have thought of doing at 355 pounds. This year alone, I've gone to Disney World without fear of not being able to fit in the rides (that really happened to me as a young adult), hiked a "moderately strenuous" trail, and now I can add zip-lining to the list.

When friend Lynn mentioned wanting to go zip-lining I didn't even hesitate clicking "purchase" on the Groupon-type coupon we bought to visit a local farm that has a zip-lining course. Who am I?

Since these types of activities usually have strict weight limits, it is something that I never would have been able to do even 2 years ago. I didn't even think of it until after the purchase - now that's a NSV!

So Saturday we loaded up and headed into the hills of Tennessee.

All geared up and ready to go!

Lynn is fearless!
My first ride in - my eyes MAY HAVE been closed.
Group shot on the smallest platform ever.

KG and I after the 2nd line.
Where I almost died.
Get me down from here.

After my death defying experience...not having it!
Last line - finally on the ground!

So glad to be on the ground again!
Overall, I'm really proud of myself on how I did with the fear of heights thing. Yes, the first few "jumps" off the platforms were disconcerting. Yes, I had problems "landing" on almost every platform. But I did it. And I did it without too much whining.

There was one line that pretty much ended my "oh this isn't so bad" thought process. I got "stuck" on the line just short of the platform and had to "jump" my hands from my harness to a rope so I could be pully-ed in. Yeah, just hanging by my harness was not the best feeling in the world for someone that is scared of heights and I was a little shaky after that. But I got through it.

More importantly, I'm so thankful my weight loss has given me this and so many other opportunities to live a "normal" life! It's so liberating to know I really can do "anything" and my weight will not hold me back!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


marisol said...

So awesome & so proud of you Em! For my 34th birthday next year (yikes!) my goal is to skydive. Gotta lose more weight though.

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